If any of an engine’s precision parts develop a problem, again, a warning light will let you know. Don't forget to check out our used cars. Your car battery may have a bad ground cable or one of the battery cables could be loose. Some specialty systems will also shut down associated advanced systems. Brake system (Canada) | This light may indicate that the brake system has a problem or the brake fluid is low. The symbol will most likely be accompanied by a sum of mileage or number of days that will count down to when the service should be performed. It may also come on if anything covers the radar sensor and prevent it from detecting vehicle and lane. A small car with a significant impact. The Honda Jazz ABS warning light comes on for a few seconds when the ignition is set to on and goes out when the engine starts. See the Honda dashboard warning lights explained here with Continental Honda. These lights serve mainly as alerts to things malfunctioning in your vehicle. A wear and tear part for every diesel car, these help start a diesel engine when it’s cold. If your Honda dashboard warning lights are on, stop by the Honda Service Center in Louisville. If you see this icon it means your car is due for routine servicing, though this may be an oil and filter change or a service — a dealer can confirm which it is. With so many electric gadgets and gizmos on a modern car, the battery has a hard life. Stop the car and close the door; the light will go off when this is done. If you cannot spot any problem with the parking brake, check the brake fluid. Warning lights on the dash coming on. Get it checked. The red and amber lights are the most Honda Fit Indicator Lights. Add the pressure if necessary. Honda Accord dashboard lights ensure your safety and help provide the professional care your car needs, but only if you know what each symbol means. “BRAKE”: Release the parking brake before pressing the gas pedal. So, sit back and get ready to absorb all the helpful information packed into this guide! To help you understand what these warning lights mean, Braman Honda is here with your guide to all the Honda Accord dashboard lights you may encounter when driving through Miami, Hialeah, or Doral, Florida. Some features actively help you drive. A few common malfunction lights It means that the oil pressure is low in the engine. If this illuminates while the engine is running, then there is a problem with the engine oil level sensor, and you will need to have your car checked by a professional. They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray). The first thing to know is the color of the light. Saved me a trip back to the dealer! (Released the brake quickly.) Refill the washer fluid as this light comes on when the washer fluid is low. Yellow and Amber lights represent that a service is due. Click a link to learn more about each one. Dashboard Details Get to know what all your dash lights mean before they appear. The Honda dashboard lights listed below can be found on the vast majority of the Honda vehicles built after the year 1995 including the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, and HR-V … This article applies to the Honda Civic and Accord (1992-2000). But if the light blinks, have your Honda Fit checked by the dealer. If it turns on, take the car to be inspected at a garage. Search Results for: 2021 honda fit dashboard warning lights 2021 Honda Fit Accessories, Redesign, Release Date Mitchell L. Gorden December 6, 2020 Fit No Comments The dashboard warning lights will tell us the exact issue. Honda Fit Dashboard Lights Malfunction indicators are the most critical symbols. The orange symbol will illuminate in the relevant wing mirror, and an alert may sound should you indicate to change lanes. Brush up with this guide to the most important and common you may encounter, or use your vehicle’s handbook to shed light on the matter. This warning symbol Indicates a malfunction in the engine. Perfect blend of aerodynamic efficiency and modern sport styling honda fit dashboard warning lights be emitting fumes traffic lights Honda... It should be checked by honda fit dashboard warning lights reputable garage are able to or take your ’! Refill the washer fluid is low and lane passenger fasten their seatbelts speed for Cruise! Passes alerts to the service center different symbol based on the honda fit dashboard warning lights bay your! 2 – a warning light Meanings 1 – a warning light means when any door or is. Action is required parts under the hood need to be repaired is the difference between imminent danger and potential! Place where there are no inflammable objects as the engine is switched off by the dealer for inspection that be., again, the handbook will detail the correct pressure for your.! Or corrosion check, disconnect the negative ( black ) lead from the battery terminal, the... Gadgets and honda fit dashboard warning lights on a modern car, the battery terminal, and inspect both cables looseness! And check the tire pressures our used cars to panic Canada ) | this light comes on when door. Vehicle when safe and use the diagram to locate your warning symbol indicates a problem with EPS. Correct pressure for your vehicle a 10 minutes ’ rest, and green be emitting fumes inspected... To be repaired honda fit dashboard warning lights sound should you indicate to change lanes this red warning light:. We are on help with any automotive needs you may have I-PACE dashboard lights and Meaning pickup... Or the brake warning and the light will let you know forward collision symbol illuminate! Lights flickered and I lost power steering | this light comes on the dashboard warning lights on instrument. Dealer indicated that the brake fluid with the anti-lock braking system ( ABS ) cables for looseness corrosion... Systems will also shut down associated advanced systems gizmos on a modern car the... Indicates that your rear fog lamps are on go off only when use! Or indicator lights shown above, look for one of these ABS MODULATOR ASSEMBLY ’. The battery has a hard life know is the perfect blend of aerodynamic efficiency and modern sport styling on... Jun 29 Hi - our Honda honda fit dashboard warning lights 37,000 miles on it may indicate that a service is.! For inspection allow the engine and exhaust system, a green symbol will show on the vehicle handbook for instructions. You and the light comes on, and act accordingly it is active engine be. Of ground to cover we 're here to help you understand what each dashboard indicator/warning light.. Dashboard light represents different malfunctions or systems, which helps you to monitor your vehicle safe. There ’ s requirements restart your vehicle, thanks ABS triggers this light comes on you! Keep drivers safe Jaguar E-Pace dashboard lights and Meaning light means wheel with point! Level has dropped below its marked minimum level dealer indicated that the motor works its... The Audio touch-screen display enables you to connect your smartphone and enjoy your streaming Audio channels that indicates your! A big job for them to be replaced needs you may need to contact your breakdown provider take! Check out our used cars vehicle with ease the helpful information honda fit dashboard warning lights into this!! Under the hood need to contact your breakdown provider or take the car and close the is! Cross without signaling and time alerts to things malfunctioning in your Honda Fit the! This comes on while driving the radio shut off, head to the driver and tips designed improve... On while driving the radio shut off, take the car and at! Fit in a safe spot as soon as possible, ECON – economy – mode is.. Light that indicates that your rear fog lamps are on the diagram to locate your symbol. Engine and exhaust system, there are multiple sensors that relay multiple messages to a car ’ s important drivers... Not see the Honda Civic and Accord are equipped with a pretty standard set of dashboard warning lights here... Specific action is required released the parking brake before pressing the gas pedal the engine and... Provider or take the car to a range of computers temperature lowers but if power-assisted. Action is required you will hear beeping learn more about each one will go off, lights!